Trader's Circle Rules

In an effort to get as many of the concert recordings to as many people as possible, we've come up with a variation of the typical "tree" or "branch" system of trading. We're calling it the "Trader's Circle" because it's not a tree where the roots do everything, it's not a branch where there is a leaf at the end of a branch. It is a circle because each leaf becomes a branch by design.

Here's the basic plan. We'll start with a base of concerts (roots/seeds) in our database and provide a means for folks to request a copy - the request will go to a randomly selected "branch" that has the concert and indicated that they are willing to copy it for someone else if asked. After a period of time for the "leaf" and "branch" to make contact, the requester (leaf) will automatically become a branch and receive future requests for that recording.

  1. Definitions:

    • Concert A recording made of a live performance that is not readily available, nor copyrighted.

    • Copy You make a copy, either on CD-R or cassette tape from your source.

    • Trader (Branch) A person that has something and is reasonably confident that it is legal and they are willing and able to copy.

    • Requester (Leaf) A person that asks everyone to send them a copy of a specific concert included in this listing.

    • Blanks and Postage (B&P) The maximum amount that a branch can ask a leaf to contribute for a copy. The preferred and most common way is after initial contact is made and details arranged the "leaf" mails the required number of blanks with a self-addressed stamped return mailer to the "branch" and awaits the return. The branch receives the B&P, copies the concert, and mails it back in a reasonable period of time. Of course the "branch" may offer to do this without the B&P requirement.

  2. Becoming a Trader

    • Complete a Concert Form with concert details as completely and accurately as you are able.

    • Agree that no "commercial" releases will be allowed. Any albums, videos, DVDs, etc... that have been, are, or may be released by the Harry Chapin Foundation will not be accepted on this traders circle.

    • Agree that no money can be exchanged more that B&P. Requester sends you blank media and return postage (B&P), you copy it and mail it back in a reasonable amount of time and work out the details with the requester. Generally turn around within a week is acceptable as the requester has two weeks before they turn into a trader.

    • If you already have a concert on the tree list, but aren't a branch for it yet, let us know and we'll add you or you can click the "Add Me" button on the listing of concerts. This ensures that more than one person is randomly selected to answer requests for a copy.

    • If we find from a requester that you've asked for more than B&P, you'll be cut from the tree.

    • We have provided a system for posting a "vacation message" so requesters are notified that you might be not-so-prompt in answering their request. Read the guidelines.

  3. Becoming a Requester

    • You may request any, and as many, concerts as you like. When you request a concert an e-mail will be sent to a randomly selected trader that has that concert that asks them to contact you via e-mail with their terms (B&P or NC, exchange snail-mail address, etc...) and from there it's in your hands. 14 days after you have submitted a request, you'll be eligible to provide that concert to other requesters and you may get e-mails regarding requests for copies of the show you have received. It's up to your conscience to jump in.

    • A feedback forum will be provided for both requesters and traders. There the requester can rate the trader, and the trader the requester. So that in the future it will be easy to spot those that only request and never trade and those that trade and don't follow through.

    • Please note that anything you request will automatically make you a trader and except for very unusual circumstances, you are responsible to follow through.

    • There is a review system in place where people that have heard this show give their unbiased (or not) opinion of the concert. You make find it helpfully to read these when deciding to request a concert or not. Read about the review system here.

  4. Submitting a "new" Concert For Trade

    • Here is where you get to make the circle bigger. There is a form to submit a concert that you are willing to trade and be credited with as the source and not get roped into being responsible for making hundreds of copies. You submit the concert that you have, we'll approve it (barring duplicates and non-allowed materials) and you've agreed to make at least one copy for trade.

      Then the person that got the copy from you will start receiving requests and so on... If you've got something unique that is tradable then you'll have a "by line" (indicating that you were the originating source) on our listing, but that doesn't make you the only source of a specific show.

    • If there is a "problem" with your "new concert submission" then someone from will e-mail you with specific questions. Once approved your submission will appear on the list and become available for trading.

  5. ChapinMusic.Com's Responsibility.

    • We'll provide the programs and databases to support the trading of concerts among Chapin friends and fans.

    • We are not responsible for trader's who don't follow through, nor requesters that don't become traders.

    • We make no promises as to the quality of anything that maybe traded here. There are many concerts with many versions and many generations, some people may know how to tweak a recording, others not. Some may be complete concerts, some partials, some partials of partials... As a requester you never know what you'll get and as a trader you can't be expected to do more than copy what you have with what equipment you may have.

    • We will do our best to ensure that there aren't any duplicates on the list and that all are unique. We will attempt to verify each new entry submitted (if we have it,) for Location/Venue, Year and Set List, and that the submissions provide useable information. We assume no responsibility for errors.

    • We will never charge, nor accept, a fee from either requesters or traders. We are not in this for any sort of monetary gain.

    • We are not responsible for lost packages, changed e-mail addresses, ignored requests, failed arrangements, nor unhappiness with results. We are only giving everyone the means to join the circle together.

    • Should it be discovered that anyone who received a concert from this Trader's Circle be found auctioning it on eBay (or the ilk,) they will be banned without notice or compunction and reported to the authorities.

    • Abuse of the system or formal requests by the artists, or estates of the artists, can cause this service to shutdown.

    • Any shutdown of this service may happen with little or no warning.