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Trader's Circle Rules
Trader's Circle Rules Please be sure to read the rules of this trader's circle before you request or add a concert. Once you request a concert in two weeks you will automatically be eligible to receive requests for a copy. This system is designed to be fair and get the music into as many hands as possible, so be sure that you're willing to copy any concerts that you request here.

View Concerts
View Concerts This is a complete list of the concerts available at this time. Traders have agreed to receive your requests and work out the details. This is the screen where you view the concert the details, read Chapin fan reviews, make a request for a concert, and add yourself as a trader for a concert you may already have on this list.

Add A Concert
Add A Concert From this screen you enter the details for a concert that you are willing to trade that is not already on our list of available concerts. You might want to visit this screen and print it blank and fill it out while listening to your copy, so you can be as complete and accurate as possible. Submissions will need to be approved before appearing on our list of available shows.

Add Vacation Message
Add Vacation Message From this screen you may enter a vacation message so that folks that request a concert from you will be notified that you're away for a while. This does not mean you're exempt from fulfilling the request, just an acknowledgement that everybody takes a vacation once in a while. Read more about vacation messages.

Check Status
Check Status From this screen you can check on what you've requested, what you have been asked to provide, what you're a trader for and what you've added. A great way to keep on top of things. Be warned: Other people can see your status too!