"For the good times and the high times,
Through the suffering and pain;
It's the song of generations singing in my veins.
I still hear that old time music of good friends now long gone.
I am here tonight to pass the music on." - Tom Chapin

 Howard Fields drumradio.com Interview - 2005 (unreleased version)

Howard Fields, in a recent did an interview with drumradio.com in which he talks about playing with Harry and The Chapin Family in addition to some other recent projects that he is working on.

 A Quiet Little Love Affair (unreleased version)

In the early 80's, Harry and the band were working on demo's for the "Last Protest Singer" album. What was released in 1988 was re-recorded music (using studio musicians) with Harry's voice dubbed (from the demo sessions) over it. Most of the songs sound generally the same from the demo versions to the studio versions. However, this song was slightly different. Notice the addition of the bridge towards the end. Also, the musicians playing are all from Harry's band. This is posted here with permission from the Chapin Office.

 Pigeon Run - Live 1974 (unreleased)

Harry intended this song for the Sniper and Other Love Songs album. When Elektra cut the album from a double album to a single album, this song got lost in the mix and was never released to the public. Harry did, however, perform it live on occasion. It also made an appearance in the show "The Night That Made America Famous". This version is a live version from 1974 (original band), from the Cowtown Ballroom in Kansas City. This song is posted here with permission from The Chapin Office.

 So They Sail (Seasons And The Sky) (unreleased)

This song was never released in any format. I am not completely sure why. This recording is certainly not a final product recording. The mix definitely needs a little work and this is a generation or two deep. However, it is a great listen to a previously, never released song. This song is posted here with permission from The Chapin Office.

 Cry For My Country (rare)

This is not really an unreleased song. It came from a TV show that Harry and the band did called "Listen To America". The show was hosted by Gabe Pressman in the mid 70's. This song is posted here with permission from The Chapin Office.

 Flowers Are Red (alternate version)
 Jenny (alternate version)


These are alternate versions "Flowers Are Red" and "Jenny", by Harry Chapin. They were either outtakes from "Living Room Suite" or later versions of the songs recorded as singles after "Living Room Suite" (I am not sure which.)

These are both studio recordings. Notice that Steve Chapin and John Wallace play the role of the teacher in this version of "Flowers Are Red" and that the music is considerably different from that on "Living Room Suite" and "Legends Of The Lost and Found". Also, the version of "Jenny" more closely follows the live version of this song. These songs are posted here with permission from The Chapin Office.

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