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The Chapin Family has inspired so many of us. Some of the fans even go as far as to record and perform their favorite Chapin songs themselves. This is a place where the fans can have their Chapin covers heard.

NOTE: This is not a place to sell this music or make any money of any kind. This is strictly for fun.

Frank Walker

Story Of A Life - ~ 5.1 MB
Written by: Harry Chapin
A very nice cover by Frank with lots of "extras" in the engineering to make it sound almost like Harry did it. Find out more about Frank at www.spoonwalk.com/

Scott Sivakoff

Sniper - ~ 10.0 MB - It's a long song!
Written By: Harry Chapin
Highly unrehearsed, live version at Oven's Park in Nova Scotia.

Sunday Morning Sunshine - ~ 3.0 MB
Written By: Harry Chapin
Cover recorded for fun.

Bill Wilson

Taxi - ~ 3.5 MB
Written By: Harry Chapin
Bill recorded this and gave it to Steve Gibbons. The recording is really nice... well arranged and... just who is that high voice singing John's part???

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