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About Us

This site is fearlessly hosted by Scott Sivakoff and Steve Gibbons. Why? Because we can. What's the hook? There aren't any hooks. Period. What's in it for you? Depends what you're looking for. Want lyrics, chords, or news about the current scene in the world of Chapin music? You found the right site.

Scott and Steve are both long time fans of Harry Chapin and his music, but more importantly, the social causes he stood up for. As Steve is a computer-geek, and Scott a music-geek, we pooled our time and talent to make this available. We saw a gap in what was available on-line for Chapin fans. Early on we decided this wasn't going to be just another "Harry site" and opted to explore the richness of the so very talented Chapin family members. Both pre-Harry and post-Harry. There is a lot of talent in those genes!

This is only the first version of this site. As with any website, we are consistently growing and adding new features. Be sure to check back often for new stuff!!!

If you have questions you are free to eMail either of us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. But who should you contact? When in doubt, any choice is good enough, but here's some details about what we're both responsible for:

Scott Sivakoff is chiefly in charge of the content. He's the man who also figured out many of the chords here. Scott is also responsible for obtaining any and all permissions needed to post anything here. Without Scott this site wouldn't be here.

Steve Gibbons is the one who handles the transcription of lyrics and the web design portion of our site. So should you have anything of a technical nature about this site, address those notes to him. If he can't solve the problem he'll readily blame it on your operating system, your computer, or your service provider.


Of course none us of would be here without Harry and his awesome ability to tell stories in the fewest amount of words imaginable. If anything, Scott and Steve are just trying to keep the magic going. Through some S.R.M. (stark raving magic - or madness?) we're trying to pull the circle a little closer together. We would be remise in not thanking Harry (albeit posthumously) for inspiring us... Harry - we could not have paid you any more of a tribute. But we hope that you know you grabbed our minds and hearts way back then and you're still touching so many people.

We would also like to thank the entire Chapin family... Everyone from "Poppa Jim" down to "Jenny and her cousins" and everyone in between. The work that they do is great and we love every minute (and note) of it. Each and every one of you has rapt our attention and you inspire us to try and help the world a better place. For better or worse, we seem to live by the motto "when in doubt - do something!"

Chords Disclaimer

One of the main sections of this website is the Music section. This section contains an ever growing database of lyrics and chords for the songs that the Chapin's have written. The Chapin Office has allowed us to post the chords for Harry's songs. As time goes by, if we can secure permissions from the other artists we will include the chords for them as well.

The chords listed here are strictly Scott Sivakoff's interpretations. There may be places where some of them are lacking (especially with the naming of some of the chords). We would very happily accept suggestions for changes.

The chords listed here are to be used for educational purposes only. Misuse MAY result in the removing of the chords from the site.

Several people were extremely valuable in helping us with the figuring out of the chords. Of course, Scott learned a lot from watching and talking to both Steve and Tom Chapin. In addition, David Underwood and Nancy Heller were very helpful (especially with "Corey's Coming", "The Parade's Still Passing By" and "The Day They Closed The Factory Down"). We would like to extend a tremendous THANK YOU to everyone that helped us.

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