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  • World Hunger Year
    Founded in 1975 by the late Harry Chapin and Bill Ayers, WHY is a leader in the fight against hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world.

  • The Chapin Office
    This site has been created by Harry's family. We'd like to share Harry's stories, old films, poems, unpublished music, out of print releases, early music, and special re-releases. True to the nature of his life and in keeping with Harry's spirit of "do something," there are always a bunch of current Chapin-related projects and concerts to find out about or get involved in.

  • The Harry Chapin Foundation
    Harry Chapin believed the issue of world hunger was one that could be eradicated in a lifetime, and his tireless pursuit of that goal was obvious. The Harry Chapin Foundation exists to help concerned, private citizens get involved. Together, we can "make a difference".

  • Long Island Cares
    The mission of Long Island Cares is to bring all available community resources together for the benefit of the hungry on Long Island. Long Island Cares is a catalyst in the community to work toward long-term food self-reliance while recognizing that the most vulnerable segments of the population will always require assistance.

  • Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida
    The Harry Chapin Food Bank is a non-profit charity dedicated to eradicating hunger and it's many causes. We are an affiliate of the America's Second Harvest National Food Bank Network. There are thousands of hungry people here in Southwest Florida and millions more across America.

  • Local United Network to Combat Hunger
    Founded in 1989 by Bill Pere as a community service outreach of the Connecticut Songwriters Association, and spun off as an independent tax-exempt entity in 1999. LUNCH was inspired by the work of the late songwriter Harry Chapin, who founded World Hunger Year and who devoted much of his music career to the fight against hunger , receiving a posthumous Congressional Medal. Our first event, The Harry Chapin Legacy Show, was held in 1991.
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