Concert Review System

  • Concert Review System

    A convenient feature of this Trader's Circle, is that we provide a means for people to review a particular concert. We don't tell you how good (or bad) a concert is, we let you tell the world. The requesters will likely find this quite helpful before requesting a concert. Everyone's a critic and everyone has their own opinion and especially with live concert recordings there is no "hard scale" to use, so we let you decide how to rate a concert.

    When speaking of concert quality there are two things that matter most, the quality of the actual recording and the quality of the content of a concert. So there are really two ratings for you to use. Each rating is based on a 1 to 10 scale where 1 is the worse and 10 is the best. Everyone that has reviewed a concert is then averaged together and that is what is shown on the rating scale. For example, if I rate a concert as recording quality of 7 and you rate it a 5, then 6 is what the scale will show. The more reviews for each of the concerts in the Trader's Circle there are, the more accurate the values are likely to be.

  • But Wait, There's More...

    You may also enter some brief comments with your "take" of the concert. Good, bad or indifferent, your comments will be displayed for people to read and assess. (Note: They maybe be edited by ChapinMusic.Com for spelling and punctuation, but not content.)

  • Viewing a Concerts Reviewsn

    When you're in the "View Concerts" screen you will see a magnifying glass icon that displays the details of the concert. This "details" screen is also where you see the reviews of this concert. The display shows two bars for the recording and content quality averages, the number of reviews on file, a link to read the reviews and a link to add your review of this concert.

  • Reading Concert Reviews

    On the "concert details screen" for the show you're interested in, click the "Read All Reviews" link and you'll be shown a listing of all the reviews on file for that particular concert. You'll probably see everything from praise to condemnation on any one show, but keep in mind that you're reading what Chapin fans, whom have heard this concert, think of it. The list is sorted by the date that the review was posted.

  • Reviewing a Concert

    On the "concert details screen" for the show you would like to review, click the "You Review The Concert" link and you'll go to a form that allows you to review a concert. We ask that you give your name and e-mail address for no particular reason except to ensure you review a concert no more than once. A series of buttons are shown where you rate the recording and content quality. An area is provided for you to your comments about the concert. Be honest and objective with your comments. If there is something unique about the concert, say so. If there is a rare or alternate version of a song, feel free to comment about that. Please avoid profanity if at all possible! You're review will be viewable virtually immediately but may be edited by ChapinMusic.Com (rare, but it could happen.)