Harry Chapin

 1 Heads & Tales (1972)
 2 Sniper and Other Love Songs (1972)
 3 Short Stories (1973)
 4 Verities & Balderdash (1974)
 5 Portrait Gallery (1975)
 6 Greatest Stories Live (1976)
 7 On The Road To Kingdom Come (1976)
 8 Dance Band On The Titanic (1977)
 9 Living Room Suite (1978)
 10 Legends Of The Lost And Found (1979)
 11 Sequel (1980)
 12 Lies & Legends (1984)
 13 Anthology of Harry Chapin (1985)
 14 Remember When The Music (1987)
 15 Gold Medal Collection (1988)
 16 The Last Protest Singer (1988)
 17 Tribute (1990)
 18 The Bottom Line Encore Collection (1998)
 19 Story Of A Life (1999)
 20 Onwards And Upwards (2000)
 21 VH-1 Behind The Music (2001)
 22 The Essentials (2001)
 23 Songwriter (2002)
 24 A Better Place To Be (2002)
 25 Heads & Tales/Sniper & Other Love Songs (Import) (2004)

Story Of A Life

Taxi   Lyrics    Chords 
Someone Keeps Calling My Name   Lyrics    Chords 
Could You Put Your Light On Please   Lyrics    Chords 
Empty   Lyrics    Chords 
Greyhound   Lyrics    Chords 
Any Old Kind Of Day   Lyrics    Chords 
Sunday Morning Sunshine   Lyrics    Chords 
Sniper   Lyrics    Chords 
Better Place To Be   Lyrics    Chords 
They Call Her Easy   Lyrics    Chords 
Mr. Tanner   Lyrics    Chords 
Mail Order Annie   Lyrics    Chords 
W * O * L * D   Lyrics    Chords 
Old College Avenue   Lyrics    Chords 
Circle   Lyrics    Chords 
Short Stories   Lyrics    Chords 
Cat's In The Cradle   Lyrics    Chords 
I Wanna Learn A Love Song   Lyrics    Chords 
30,000 Pounds Of Bananas   Lyrics    Chords 
Shooting Star   Lyrics    Chords 
What Made America Famous   Lyrics    Chords 
Vacancy   Lyrics    Chords 
Dreams Go By   Lyrics    Chords 
Tangled Up Puppet   Lyrics    Chords 
The Rock   Lyrics    Chords 
She Is Always Seventeen   Lyrics    Chords 
The Mayor Of Candor Lied   Lyrics    Chords 
Caroline   Lyrics    Chords 
Legends Of The Lost And Found   Lyrics    Chords 
Taxi   Lyrics    Chords 
Corey's Coming   Lyrics    Chords 
If My Mary Were Here   Lyrics    Chords 
Dance Band On The Titanic   Lyrics    Chords 
Mismatch   Lyrics    Chords 
I Wonder What Happened To Him   Lyrics    Chords 
Dancing Boy   Lyrics    Chords 
Flowers Are Red   Lyrics    Chords 
Poor Damned Fool   Lyrics    Chords 
Jenny   Lyrics    Chords 
I Wonder What Would Happen To This World   Lyrics    Chords 
Old Folkie   Lyrics    Chords 
Remember When The Music - Reprise   Lyrics    Chords 
God Babe, You've Been Good For Me   Lyrics    Chords 
Story Of A Life   Lyrics    Chords 
November Rains   Lyrics    Chords 
Sequel   Lyrics    Chords 
Last Stand   Lyrics    Chords 
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