Jim Chapin

 1 Song * Solos * Stories (1995)
 2 More Songs * Solos * Stories (2003)

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King or Plumber (Story)    
Chapinisms Y2K (Solo)    
Sweet au Pair (Song)    
Big Sid (Story)    
Papa & Davey (Story)    
Flutter Brush Man (Solo)    
Big Band & Dixieland (Story)    
Bo Peep (Song)    
Louie (Story)    
Drummers from a Different Era (Story)    
Elvin & Tony (Story)    
The Chapin Book Revisited (Solo)    
Jake (Story)    
Frank (Story)    
Freddie (Story)    
Conversation Piece (Song)    
Modern Recording Drummers (Story)    
Bernard (Story)    
Billy (Story)    
Danny (Story)    
Jeff (Story)    
George (Story)    
Cameroon (Solo)    
Sao Paulo    
Sonny (Story)    
Liberty & Kenny (Story)    
Gregg & Kenny (Story)    
Dave & Steve (Story)    
Terry (Story)    
Vinnie (Story)    
Oleander (Song)    
The Next Generation (Story)    
Hangin' At Jim's Pad (Solo)    
Lost Lady (Song)    
Outro (Story)    
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